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Monday, February 1, 2016

PS... You’re Mine by Alexa Riley (Review)

PS... You’re MinePS... You’re Mine by Alexa Riley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alexa Riley you keep coming up with the most sweet, dirty stories. Overtime I feel like I'm right there with the character feeling and seeing everything happen to them.The author makes you fall for her characters has you rooting for them from the very beginning. Katie Lovely, first of all she truly lovely woman, she is a 24 year old civics teacher in high school. She enlisted her class to be pen pals for the marines. She it's a very attractive but very shy when it comes to men and to wanting live an adventurous life. Mark is a loner of sorts he has no family he only people he has are his friends that he has made in the past 2o years while being in the marines. On a whim he enlisted his unit into a pen pal program to receive letter and care packages. Who would've thought what just a letter can change everything. Oh and there is a very pushy best friend in this book I loved her she gave Katie the push in the right directions. The book in it's entirely was adorable and funny and oh so dirty all in the right ways. This makes for a perfect mushy Valentine's Day read. Keep them coming Alexa Riley.

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