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Review Policy


Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to find out about my reading preferences and my review policy. 

I will accept Physical ARC as well as E-Book ARC copies as well but, preferably paperback.

Personally review what catches my interest.I do branch out sometimes, but I am open to new genres that peek my interest. 

Genres: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Dark Erotica, Erotica, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult and, Women's Fiction.

Series: I chose not to read a book out of arrangement.   If I should be approached to read a book from a series I will want to be provided with the rest to read along. 

When I consider a book up for review I will post the review in any social media outlet I deem appropriate and any other required by the publisher. Will also post on marketing sites such as Amazon, iBooks, B&N as well.  

Currently I am working from home so, I put in a couple of hours for my reviews and blog on a daily basis. If I have a time frame to work with that is the best form to get out a review on a timely manner. If I receive a book I can't guarantee review thats quickly just days after. Keep in mind that review a couple of books a month that on top of work I get very busy. 

I will not be able to accept all request made. My calendar tends to fill up fast when it comes to reviewing. So, I try not to burn myself out I keep my reviews in a respectable number so that I know I can out a review in a timely manner. If I cannot accept the request I will respectfully decline the request. We humans only have so much time in a day.

If you'd like to contact me with any questions or request please do not hesitate to email me:
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