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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Persuading Him (The Heiress, #1) By Michelle Dare

Persuading Him (The Heiress, #1)Persuading Him by Michelle Dare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This book had me hooked from the beginning. Kasi the aviation heiress is hot blonde that doesn’t need a man in her life to keep her happy. She gets what she wants well most the time that is. Until Radek, the replacement pilot she had to hire in short notice. One look at him and she knows she wants him and will play the game to get him.

She goes in the bedroom on the plane and takes care of needs since Mr. hot pilot made he needs rise at the moment. She came so loud that stewardess thought she needed the pilot for something. Oh bubbles lol. She implies to him that she took care of it but asked him if next time if would like it to do it for her. He declines her advances toward him, which pissed Kasi off.

When she finds out that Radek is taking out the dumb wit sweetest that makes her even more pissed off. In the hotel while she is come back from her naughty massage she find bubbles and Radek in the elevator making out. She goes to her room minutes later she hears commotion outside her door. She finds the Radek and the co pilot having a heated discussion. She finds out her the co pilot was coming to check on her and Radek went ape shit crazy. Say that he didn’t have a right to see if she was okay. That it wasn’t appropriate she thought for a minute hey why not makes him even more jealous but she didn’t want to string along her friend.

Kasi gave Radek an ultimatum he walked out. She was ready to move on from her infatuation with him when he came to knock on her door. She let him in after awhile. Then he made his desion to be with her.

They had bliss for a while; they were going at like rabbits. Then she started realize that she started falling for him. She was sacred to say how she really felt for fear that he might not feel the same. They say that something is too good to be true. At the end of the book Kasi recvies a call from a woman. None other then the woman who tainted radek five years ago. She says they need to talk about him she has a bad feeling about it.

What a cliffhanger, I tried to keep turning the page but nope I was done. Well job done to the author I loved it, even from the very beginning. I will be on the look out for the book on this series called The Heiress.

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