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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Twist Me By Anna Zaires

Twist Me (Twist Me, #1)Twist Me by Anna Zaires
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Be warned this is dark read it says in the book cover.

Nora is a normal 17 year old who is about to turn 18 and graduate High school. One night she goes out with her friend to a club, that’s when she meets Julian. Someone that she finds attractive, but she knows that he is dangerous. Just by one touch she feels the instant connection. She also feels the possessive edge of the touch that makes her want to run away from him.

She graduate and sees him there at her graduation, their eyes locked. She tried to shake off the feeling of the real reason he was here for. She made up excuse to her self for why he was there. A party she finally gets asked out on the date that she has wanted with Jake.

On that date it starts out good until the end. It was like a nightmare, one of those stories you hear in the news. She wakes up the next day she is in bed naked she’s doesn’t know where she is and who brought her there.

She finds out that it was Julian, he kidnapped her. He brought her to his own island she is far away from home.

Later she finds out why he took her. He wanted her point blank. He takes her virginity and starts to train her in what he likes. He trains her to associate pain with pleasure. Breaks her apart but, then pieces her back together. She grows a costumed to it. She starts to develop feelings for him. As much as she hates to admit it he know that as well. He takes pleasure in her pain and pleasure.

One night she starts having stomach pain and she had to be flown out the island for medical emergency. Has emergency surgery. While she is recovering something happens.

She is kidnapped from on of Julian’s want to be customers. They take her, and send Julian a message. While in captivity one night Julian trying to get her awakes her free from her restraints.

Things get bad real quick in that situation she makes it out he doesn’t.
She goes back home to her parents the FBI talks to her and she talks, knowing that he is dead. Turns out they had no idea who the hell that was. She was thinking maybe he gave her a fake name. He was apparently invisible in their database.

She starts moving on with her life. She mourns Julian’s death, until he appears to her in her erotic dream. This one is a little different, this Julian her dream talks back. She realizes that it isn’t a dream and that he really is in her apartment on top of her naked. They talk about what happened to him after he came to rescue her. I love this series you have know idea. Thank you Anna Zaires for writing this series!

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