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Monday, November 9, 2015

Release Blitz: Hot Latin Men Series Limited Edition Box Set by Delaney Diamond (Review)

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Hot Latin Men Box Set
Publication Date: November 9, 2015

Hot Latin Men Series Box Set Cover

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THE ARRANGEMENT (Hot Latin Men, #1)
An indecent proposal leads to a short term arrangement…
Brazilian millionaire, Leonardo da Silva, is still seething from when his wife, Alexa, walked out on him four months ago. Now she’s in his office asking for a business loan to help her brother. Instead of a loan, he’s willing to give her the money, but only if she resumes her role as his wife for the next two months. She reluctantly agrees, and she soon finds herself wishing their arrangement was permanent. But when she finds out about Leonardo’s betrayal, there may be no way for them to mend their broken marriage.


Intuitively, she sensed Leonardo’s gaze on her, and she caught sight of him near the entrance to the balcony. He was watching her, though he should have been engrossed in the conversation with the two other people with whom he was standing, one of which was the redhead. Even from that distance across the room, she could sense his desire for her, and there was an answering pounding of the blood in her veins as their gazes locked.
Maybe it was the kiss between Russell and Joan and the romantic notion of long-lasting love, but Alexa found her thoughts straying to memories of sharing passionate kisses with Leonardo. She carefully placed her glass of wine on the table before it slipped from her damp fingers and crashed onto the expensive white carpet. She felt nervous and jittery because she knew the reason for Leonardo’s smoldering scrutiny. She was fully aware what was expected of her, and she found herself breathlessly anticipating the end of the evening.
Leonardo came toward her, his lithe, graceful walk a surprise for a man of his size. The tuxedo jacket hugged his broad shoulders and fit his muscular frame like a glove. As he neared her, Alexa realized she was holding her breath. The undercurrent of sexual tension flared between them.
“Are you nervous?” Leonardo asked.
“Why would I be nervous?” Her voice came out breathy, husky. She cleared her throat.
Leonardo smiled knowingly. He must feel the same charge, know that she longed to be kissed and touched, despite being coerced into resuming her role as his wife.
He didn’t answer her question. “You haven’t eaten a thing all night.”
It was true, but how could he possibly know that? She didn’t have an appetite for much except the tall, dark man standing before her.
“I’ve had my eye on you all evening,” he said in response to the unspoken question.
The thought that he’d been watching her even during the periods when they were separated generated tiny little shivers across Alexa’s skin. Her fingers tightened around the clutch in her left hand. “I’m not hungry.”
The knowing smile widened. “You should eat something,” he said. His dark gaze lingered in appreciation on the split in her dress. “You’re going to need your energy.

FIGHT FOR LOVE (Hot Latin Men, #2)

A former pro wrestler fights to hold onto the woman he lost, but still loves, and the son he never knew existed. Science teacher Rebekah Jamison lives a quiet life in the suburbs of Atlanta. Devastated by a tabloid scandal nine years ago, she ended her marriage to the man her parents never approved of.

Rafael Lopez, former professional wrestler and “Sexiest Athlete Alive,” regrets the lapse in judgment that caused him to lose his wife. He shows up unannounced one day with some startling news, but he gets a surprise of his own. He finds out he’s a father. To get to know his son, he whisks him and Rebekah off to his home in the Hollywood Hills for the summer.


The ringing of the doorbell brought her head up.
“I got it!”
“Ricky, don’t open the door unless you know who it is first.”
He knew better, but it didn’t hurt to remind him. She hoped it was the delivery she was expecting from her sister, Samirah. They were souvenirs for the family from her latest jaunt overseas. She often sent them nice gifts from her travels. Rebekah sometimes envied her younger sister’s carefree lifestyle. Samirah had a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu, and she traveled the world, earning her keep as a cook in restaurants or private residences.
“Mom, come quick!”
Rebekah dropped everything in her hands and raced into the kitchen, uncertain if Ricardo’s tone expressed excitement or anxiety.
He stood in front of the open front door, staring at someone outside. As she came closer, he caught sight of her and began to hop up and down excitedly, pointing with his hand to the still-invisible person on the other side of the threshold.
“Look! Look! It’s La Sombra, Mom! It’s La Sombra!” he screamed excitedly.
Rebekah skidded to a halt, her feet no longer sure what to do since her brain temporarily ceased to function. Heavy knots piled up in her stomach, and her broken breath shivered past her suddenly parched lips.
It couldn’t be him.
Ricardo’s face was alight with glee, and his uncontrolled excitement was a comical contrast to the heavy dread pressing down on her. She moved slowly toward the door, closing her hands into tight fists to calm their shaking.
When the person came into view, her stomach muscles clenched into even tighter, more painful knots.
There was no doubt who the man was at the door. It had been nine years since she’d last seen him in person, but his image appeared on the occasional magazine, and she’d read articles about him online. Even if he weren’t a public figure and she had wanted to forget him, it would have been impossible because of the pint-sized, darker version of him bouncing up and down like a rubber ball just a few feet away.
La Sombra had been the alias he used when he was a professional wrestler. The nickname, which meant “the Shadow” in Spanish, had stuck because of his dark complexion. His real name was Rafael Lopez, and he was her ex-husband.
His gaze lifted from the small boy before him and settled on her. From the firming of his sculpted mouth and the hard glint that came into his gray eyes, she knew he’d already deduced the obvious.
The young boy whose excited reception he had just received was the son he had never known existed.

PRIVATE ACTS (Hot Latin Men, #3)

This story contains a chef whose sassy mouth and swaying hips catch the eye of a sexy Latin artist determined to tame her. Miguel Delgado fell hard the first time he saw a beautiful woman on stage during a karaoke competition at a bar in Ecuador. Interested in a short, casual affair, he turns on the charm. But she won’t give him the time of day.

Samirah Jamison has met her match—in the form of a tall, hard-bodied sculptor who won’t leave her alone. She’s not running scared. She’s just trying to keep a level head and stay out of trouble for once. But it’s really, really hard to be good…when you’re used to being bad.

THE ULTIMATE MERGER (a short story) (Hot Latin Men, #3.5)

Two workaholics slow down long enough to find love when they least expect it.

Renaldo da Silva is on the verge of entering the U.S. market with the purchase of a hotel in downtown Chicago. After working hard for several days straight, he heads to a local bar and sees a woman who instantly makes him reconsider how to spend his evening.

When another one of her male counterparts unfairly becomes the lead on a project, Sabrina Porter leaves work intent on drowning her sorrows in wine and loud music at a local bar. Instead, she meets a sexy Brazilian who’s intent on showing her a different way to unwind.

SECOND CHANCES (Hot Latin Men, #4)

Renaldo da Silva’s near-perfect life in Brazil comes to a halt when he finds out about his wife’s betrayal. Now he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. But because he needs her help finalizing the biggest deal of his career, he’s forced to make her a multi-million dollar offer and delay their divorce.

Sabrina da Silva can’t forgive herself after a reckless night destroys her marriage. She agrees to help her husband and then disappear from his life for good. But with passion still smoldering between them, it’s not easy for either to walk away. Will passion be enough to overcome the ultimate test of their love?


She lifted a tentative hand to touch the smooth skin of his face. “Renny…”
His nostrils expanded, and a tremor shook his body at her touch.
Deus,” he said, his voice a thickened groan.
His face contorted, and she sensed the internal struggle within him. He didn’t want to want her, but he did. They were both helpless to the pulse and beat of the intensity between them.
“Renny, honey,” she whispered, “forgive me. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”
Hesitantly, she edged closer, and when he didn’t withdraw, she pressed a light kiss to his neck. He still didn’t move, so she pressed another one, and another to his Adam’s apple, traveling to the other side of his throat with tender kisses across his skin.
Desire blossomed inside of her as another tremor, stronger this time, wracked his body. Then, with a guttural groan, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and his mouth landed on hers—not soft and tender like hers, but hot and demanding.
She leaned into him, her heart soaring. He wanted her and she wanted him. She’d never had any desire to cheat; that night had been an anomaly. Renaldo was all she needed, all she wanted.
With no resistance from her, he pulled her into the doorway of one of the buildings and drew her closer, sandwiching her between him and the wall, making her breasts swell against the press of his hard chest.
Sabrina let her purse fall to the ground to freely lock her arms around his neck. She opened her mouth, swaying under the force of sexual desire that claimed her body. Renaldo groaned, smoothing his hands up the back of her thighs, dragging the hem of her dress with them. His hands roamed possessively over her hips and the bare cheeks of her buttocks, exposed because of the thin piece of fabric nestled between them.
How she’d missed him, missed his touch.
He buried his face in the curve of her neck, his heavy breaths heating her skin as his hand skimmed across the damp material between her legs. Sabrina angled her hips toward him, opening her thighs wider to make it easier for him to caress her there, where her wet body pleaded for more.
She found his mouth again and initiated another kiss, but he took control by darting his tongue between her lips, scraping past her teeth to make masterful, erotic strokes. His mouth moved over hers with fluid control, yet it was a demanding, all-consuming kiss. She shivered in his arms as their tongues tangled and their moist lips devoured each other.
It had been so long since she’d felt this rush, this heat. His taste and scent were intoxicating.
His hand went to the back of her knee and lifted her leg so that it hooked around his waist, and she could feel the pressure of his hard length on her abdomen.
He slid his other hand down the soft curve of her bottom, squeezed one of her cheeks, and continued the slide between her legs until one long finger slid along her covered slit and flicked her engorged clit.
Her lower body jerked at the intimate touch. What rushed through her was indescribable, dizzying, and a tiny sound left her throat. Her need for him was unprecedented, and she rocked her hips against his, gasping into his mouth, moaning and aching for relief. She wanted him here, now, against this wall, with a desire so explosive she no longer cared what he thought of her.


One word to describe this series: Caliente!
These men that you will meet will make you hand over your panties, because really they are no use. Yes, the sex scenes are caliente. These four men are hot an insanely successful, I was glad not to see the typical white male CEO. No offense Mr. Grey but, I love my Latin men. Yes, I'm Latina so sue me I've been waiting for a read like this it does not disappoint. then women that keeps the on their toes ad learn to tame are equally as entertaining as the men. You'll get to see a bit of almost everything heart break, second chances, tears, sex, arguing like no other, and fierce undying love. The author did a great job crafting these stories. They are well developed as well as the characters and I enjoyed meeting the four very different couples.
*ARC was provide in return for an honest review.*

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Delaney Diamond
Delaney Diamond is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sweet, sensual, passionate romance novels. She's also the site manager of Romance Novels in Color, where they promote books with diverse characters. Born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Atlanta, Georgia is now her home. She reads romance novels, mysteries, thrillers, and a fair amount of nonfiction.
When she's not busy reading or writing, she's in the kitchen trying out new recipes, dining at one of her favorite restaurants, or traveling to an interesting locale. To get sneak peeks, notices of sale prices, and find out about new releases, visit her website and join her e-mail mailing list. You can enjoy free reads and the first chapter of all her novels on her website.

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