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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Book Blitz: Bravo: Blood Road by Summer Lane

Bravo: Blood Road 
(Bravo Saga, #2)
Publication date: October 21st2016
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult

Bravo and hisbeloved handler, Lieutenant Nathan Ingalls, are together again amidst the ashes of anapocalyptic California. Together, they are using their skills to help a rebel militia groupseek out survivors in the desolation of Death Valley.
But when the Death Brigade – a vicious anarchist group arisen from the dust of afallen society – rolls into town, tragedy strikes. Someone is taken. Neither Nathan norBravo will allow that. The hunt is on – Bravo will not fail in his task to protect hisfriends.
The Black Market.

Rescuing the people you love sometimes comes with a price. When Bravo and hisfriend, India, are taken to Blood Road, they are forced to fight for their lives in aterrifying and vicious society of gambling, deceit and violent entertainment.
Alone and afraid, Bravo is forced to fight for his life every day in an arena while cruelspectators make bets on the odds of his victory. His only allies in this dark place couldperish as suddenly as he could.

The bonds of friendship are tested, and the agonizing teeth of loss sink their fangsdeep.
Life or death. Fight or flight. Bravo must choose.
One mission, completed.
One duty, fulfilled.
And now, the Blood Road will wreak its vengeance.

This is the conclusion to Bravo the bomb dog’s thrilling and poignant tale of love,loss and ultimate sacrifice, a #1 bestselling phenomenon.
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Bravo was there. He heard Danny scream, tasted the sharpjolt of terror heavy in the air. He came straight for him, sailing like a dark bullet throughthe night. The coyote did not see him coming. Bravo hit him like an arrow, rage pulsingthrough his body.
How dare this wolf-thing harm Danny! The fury was a tangible thing, floodingthrough his veins like a wildfire. He bit the coyote below the mouth, in the soft flesh ofthe neck, where the lifeblood was.
Take away lifeblood, take away life. That was the law of the fight. Bravo hadlearned that in the Arena, but it was an unspoken and silently understood fact ofinstinct. Blood contained life...remove blood, and the enemy would fall.
The coyote yelped and released its hold on Danny. The little boy stumbledbackward, crying, while Bravo drug the dog-thing to the ground, holding it there,second by second, as the life drained from it and the hot, salty blood spilled onto hisface and stained his fur.
Bravo felt nothing but the storming satisfaction of the bite and the devotion to thekill – the mission. This was his job, to protect Danny at all costs, because Nathan wasnot here, and because that is what Bravo was: a protector.

Author Bio:
Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of 14 novels, including books from thehit Collapse Series, Zero Trilogy and Bravo Saga. She is the owner of WB Publishingand Writing Belle, an online magazine devoted to the art of storytelling. Summer is alsoan accomplished creative writing teacher and experienced journalist.
She lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband, Scott, where shespends her days writing, teaching and writing some more. Summer loves to visit themountains (nature rocks!), the beach (Hawaii is heaven) and have hot cups of tea withgood friends (tea is always a good idea). She also loves dogs and traveling!
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