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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Book Blitz: Stage Left by Ali Parker

Stage Left 
Ali Parker
(Bright LightsBillionaire #1)
Publication date: March 20th 2016
Genres: Adult,Romance

From Best Selling Author, Ali Parker comes a newBillionaire Series filled with sexiness, humor and intense attraction...
Ethan Lewis has been in the bright lights for as long as he can remember. He’s justturned the cusp of celebrating his twenty-fourth birthday, and yet he feels more likeeighty. Living the life of a celebrity isn’t all it is chalked up to be, and dealing with theunruly number of women who are more interested in his billions than who he is as aperson is getting old. He has resigned himself to giving up on love and focusing on theonly thing that truly gives back – his career.
Riley Phillips has always dreamed of being on a big stage with the warmth of thespotlight baring down on her, but she just couldn’t seem to catch the right agent’sattention. After giving a quick commencement speech as Valedictorian of hergraduating class at Billmore High, she’s offered something she can’t refuse... Thechance to work in Hollywood. It’s not all it’s chalked up to be, but she works hard andfinally gets her big break four years down the line. There is a new movie that her agentwants her to audition for, and her co-star? The dreamy Ethan Lewis.
She scores the part, but soon regrets it due to his callous, overbearing persona.He’s nothing like the public touts, and she for one isn’t impressed.
Funny enough, he is – immensely.
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Ali Parker talks about being an indie author andloving it!
I think from a young age I’ve always been independent, always looking for a way toforge a new path and climb a steep hill and do it mainly on my own. I think like mostIndies, I started by trying the traditional route and after loads of rejection, it was justeasier to forget it. A few friends of mine are making it big in the indie world and havereluctantly pulled me into it as well. I will tell you that it’s the best decision I’ve evermade.
I’m not a superstar, but a story teller – which is all I ever wanted to be. I set myschedule, write what I want, love on you guys by giving away whatever the hell I wantto and life FEELS right/good.
Let me tell you why else I love being Indie.
1. No one will ever love my book as much as me. It’s my creation and having thefreedom to choose what it looks like and where the plot goes is all mine to decide. Idon’t have someone standing over my shoulder making it “better” by their definition of“better.”
2. I can spend as little or as much time, energy and money as I want. Obviously themore I put into it, the more I’m going to get out of it, but that’s with anything in life. Thecool part is that if I’m a good editor or if I can design my own cover, then those arecosts to be saved and skills to be used.
3. I belong. In a world of independent authors I find myself fitting in just perfectly.We all work hard and dream big and the encouragement is beyond belief. I don’t haveto write a certain genre or stick to a certain structure in the plot. I simply write, promoteand support and honestly feel great about myself at the end of the day.
Being an Indie author, to me, doesn’t really have anything to do with beingIndependent though. It’s a statement that says I’m capable of making every step alongthis book writing/producing platform to take a dream from start to finish. The truth ofwhat Indie authors are doing is showing the world that there still exists hope. Hope todream big and work hard to make that dream a reality.
That’s why I love being Indie!

Author Bio:
Ali Parker is a full-time contemporary romance writer who left a life in CorporateAmerica to try out living a dream. She loves coffee, watching a great movie and hanging out with her hubs. By hanging out, she means making out. Hanging out is forthose little creepy elves at Christmas. No tight green stockings for her.
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Ali also writes Sci-Fi Romance under Liza Probz -, andWestern Romance under Jessica Mills -
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